Sunday, 28 November 2010

Well Hello There

I am the currently graduating fresh new Doctor Avalanche. And I run. I always run. I use physical runs to outrun mental runs. Medical school, you know?

So they say before you start writing you should consider your target group. I've thought about that. Probably it will be something in the line of
-people who like running
-people who like medicine
-people who like Scrubs
-people who actually know me (hopefully not too many, I might feel embarrassed)
-old pervy freaks, to be blocked immediately.

I want to use this blog to amuse, bemuse and to track my running.

I won't be posting pictures of me, and I will not be informing you where I am precisely and where I am from exactly. Confidentiality.

I will, however, have many crazy stories to share. My life is the real life Scrubs. Not so much Grey's Anatomy, Grey's is too fake. I'm probably a bit of your real life  Dr Elliot Reid if I have to be a TV doc. But now I hate Wikipedia, because I actually have not seen season 8 Scrubs and now I know that she's going to marry J.D.

But yes, I am a tall, slim, blonde, blue-eyed newbie doc. Oh, and I'm a girl. FYI.

And I am currently at the very last end of my 6-year course to become an MD. And like Elliot in season 1, I feel stupid and I will probably end up studying lots... because I'm scared.

And as far as running goes....*insert expectation awakening music*...

I'm nursing an old lateral collateral ligament injury. Often found in runners and dancers but not so common in normal people. I happen to be both, or at least, was both. Let's just leave it at the following: street dance class intermediate level is not a good idea if you've never done street dance before. And after months of pain and very little running I was finally back to my old not-so-advanced form.
And now the knee is hurting again. I must have twisted it somewhere along the road, but I haven't the faintest idea when.

It's safe to say I've been a beginner runner for 1,5 years now. And I want to go to the more advanced level.