Sunday, 28 November 2010

That Age Old Student Ailment

Best get started right away.

Ironically, I am only doing this because I am suffering from that Age Old Ailment suffered by many students. Procrastination. Not Hangover.

Symptoms include: an increase of all feelings of discomfort, feelings of boredom and sudden interest in activities of lesser importance. Side effects generally include: loss of sleep and mediocre jobs handed in, or missing deadlines.

Somehow I doubt actual graduation is a cure for this.

I have a long history with this ailment. I went through six years of secondary school and now six and a half years of medical school. (All right. Medical school only lasts six years, but I'm half a year behind because of Third Year. Let's just leave it at that.). I have actually worked myself halfway through a book called 'The Procrastination Workbook', only to leave it somewhere under my bed in order to continue on with more pressing matters. Procrastination has significantly decreased after I realised that the main culprit is my own perfectionism.

But here I am, NOT writing an essay on how to save Africa. Instead I am blogging, checking out those amazing LOLcats, trying to figure out how to tell my bank my address has changed, contemplating my future, and wondering when my throat will stop hurting and how to fix the Knee.

What does the salvation of Africa have to do with graduating medical school, you may wonder. See, I am not just an ordinary doc. I am international in my own right (proud owner of nationalities of two different continents!) and I have been doing an extra course in International Medicine. Since my broke ass can't afford to do half of my final year abroad, the compromise is an essay. The essay is due at the end of this month.

Might as well get cracking. Less than a month left in which I can call myself Medical Student. rumtumtum. I'm in England now, and flying back to go get my degree. This will be the last time I don't HAVE to get up when they ask if there's a doctor on board. But actually I probably would get up: I might be the best they have. It's only a one-hour flight... in the worst case I could provide basic life support for an hour.

I've already passed my finals.

I just don't know how.

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